Cedar Grove Capital

Cedar Grove Capital is a deep, fundamentally based, long/short hedge fund that is focused on the consumer and cannabis industries with just a touch of tech. Coverage spans all market values and does not limit itself to just small and mid-caps for instance.

What you get when you subscribe

This substack is an extension of my own thoughts, research, and opinions. Things that I look at on my own account I transfer here, in the form of a newsletter to share with all subscribers.

  • Weekly-ish Chart of the Week emails where I break down a chart into a few summarized key points to help inform you or keep you up to date on certain topics (ex. How Much is Each "Subscriber" Worth?)

  • Deep dive analysis into an industry that has significant growth potential (ex. Vertical Farming: Don’t Sleep on this Opportunity)

  • Trend I’m Watching which dives into a trend that piques my interest enough to look into companies that can either benefit or be hurt by such trend (ex. Americans Keeping Their Cars for Longer)

  • 1+ quarterly deep dives into a stock I either have a position in or am considering taking a position in. These posts are not short (avg. word count ~3,000), and include many aspects including interviews with users, product reviews, and my model output for valuations (ex. FIGS: Not the lululemon of Healthcare )

  • Thoughts/Opinions about a certain topic related to finance, the stock market, or investing. (ex. M&A Trade Idea Returning ~70%?)

  • Quarterly Investor Letters where I highlight the funds’ returns, select commentary, and notable buys and sells

  • BONUS: All my posts will be accompanied by an audio option (2022 onwards). For any reason you cannot read the posts, I’ll record a ‘read-aloud’ of the same article so you can listen.

About the Author

Paul Cerro is a former investment banker at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he covered the fitness, restaurant, luxury retail, and cannabis space. He was one of three investment banking analysts to cover the industry back in 2018. He’s helped cannabis companies raise money, consult with entrepreneurs on how to grow, start or improve their business, and has even launched a few startups of his own.

Disclaimer & Disclosure

Cedar Grove Capital’s views are not investment advice. Any assertions made in Cedar Grove Capital represent the author’s opinion and should not be counted as investment advice. I never receive compensation for my posts other than through my substack subscription revenue. I have no business relationship with the companies I write about. Any investment action taken from my posts and the assumed risk of doing so fall solely on the reader.